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Friday, March 23, 2012



The Great Leap Forward was the name of the FEDERAL RESERVE banking elites Progressive political programs under Mao in China in the 1950's, it was a 'great leap' alright.. reminds me of exactly what is happening today in the United States. 

THE FEDERAL RESERVE elite banking families' efforts in China under Mao were in the guise and aims to further entrench enlightened Progressive principles into the structure and functioning of their Progressive social systems. This so reminds me of Obomacare, and many insane Progressive idiot social programs these EXACT SAME elite FEDERAL RESERVE banking families are implementing today in the U.S. through their idiot puppets Obama, Bush, Clinton, Bush..

China back then had absolute dictatorial control over every citizen in China, and any opposition was met with immediate execution, with an estimated 30 million innocent Chinese citizens executed. 3O MILLION cold blooded murdered under FEDERAL RESERVE banking elites communism regime in China. Of course those murders are continuing as I'm typing this all over the FEDERAL RESERVE's Central Bank world. 

Today in America they are killing us via other means, mostly through chemicals in our food, air and water, Vaccines, and the masses of purely insane "Medications". We are not quite at the "line them up" and shoot stage, but IF YOU COULD WAKE UP you would see we are getting closer to that level of insanity by the minute, if you will just read about the daily acts our puppet president is corruptly passing in Washington, where the American People have ZERO representation, ZERO! 

Back in the lovely land of China in the 1950's (where we are heading on a fast train) it soon becomes apparent that the Great Leap Forward might have been an ill-considered failure among the people that were duped into thinking (Bailouts, TARPs, Obamacare is the best moves for the people, it's good social justice) it was good Progressive social justice. As of course rather than boosting production and prosperity the FEDERAL RESERVE elite banking families' Mao advertised, the Great Leap Forward brings shortages of food and raw materials and eventual demoralization and exhaustion of the working people of China. 

And of course like today while all this horrific carnage is happening to the Chinese people within the Mao regime (and it's FEDERAL RESERVE banking elites absolute control of every fiber of media) there is mass refusal to acknowledge any of their insane failures, painted in the media as, well, "Great Leaps Forward"! Lord Help Us, what's that expression,"the more things change, the more nothing really changes".

It is estimated that from 1958 to 1961 alone as a result of the FEDERAL RESERVE banking elites 'Great Leap Forward', 14 to 20 million people die of starvation, all toll the Great Leap forward leads to estimated as many as 45 million needless and senseless starvation deaths, that were in reality deliberate acts around FEDERAL RESERVE elite families bigger plans of absolute CONTROL and eventual Global Governance (which are today in America in full swing on steroids).

Of course the idiot puppet Mao himself refuses to recognize or deal with the reality of the situation, actually saying "When there is not enough to eat, people starve to death. It is better to let half of the people die so that the other half can eat their fill." You might think how was this possible? Well, even as the population starves harvests are commandeered by the FEDERAL RESERVE banking elite Mao regime for export to their other communist countries in Eastern Europe in exchange for War Machinery and POLITICAL gains. In 1958-1959 seven million tons of grain are exported while literally MILLIONS STARVED TO DEATH at the locked door of the FEDERAL RESERVE families controlled warehouses! America, enough is enough, it really is time TO WAKE UP, AND STAND UP!

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