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Tuesday, January 3, 2012


The First Party is officially endorsing Ron Paul for president as long as he's running.  Currently he is attempting to get the nod on the R ticket, so that would mean going against our basic principle to never again vote for any Republican (or Dem).   If we are successful in getting Paul the nod we will also need to vote for every R running for office behind him.  Everyone would have to vote for every R running for National and local office to achieve a full 'mandate' level of support. 

We are basically changing our 'stance' because of the massive level of apathy currently dominating the average American. The average American does not currently have enough drive to stand for themselves, or their own families.  As a whole they don't seem to have the desire or ability to think for themselves and are mesmerized by a manipulating and controlled Media, (Network, CNN, FOX "News") and mass think "Conventional "wisdom".  They currently don't (as a whole) have enough intelligence to even stand up for their own children, much less stand up for this nation.  We are concluding that since there is currently a 'figurehead' that actually is speaking the truth, and if elected with support form congress will make the kind of changes that will return our Republic this should be our focus right now.  Americans today seem to need a figurehead to guide them, and Paul, and his anti 'big government' and 'anti war', message might be attractive enough to wake many more of them up to 'stand up' and get behind him and what is best for our Nation. 

Of course, no doubt that if we put into office hundreds of new Republicans that many if not most of them will be corrupted by this massively rancid R party, but if 'We the People' can push enough R's into office, and by landslide margins, behind Paul, it will give him a 'mandate' that their Media will have a hard time spinning ...We need to ensure Paul has enough of a mandate to get done what has to be done and override the onslaught from the currenbt corrupt media.  

So, this is the new modified 'plan A'... This very brave and good Man is the only person running for President we can currently trust and back; the likes of Romney, Santorum, Perry, etc. are major shills for the controlling banking elites that currently own us and this nation via their corrupt Central Bank (FED), so this is in no way an endorsement of the Republican party or any other person running for President. 

Just also know that ever fiber of the corrupt controlling elements of this Nation, and their Republican party and their Media will be pulling out the stops to destroy Paul's efforts to get the nod, (hopefully you have been noticing this?) so this will continue to be a need of a pure grass roots movement to push Ron Paul to the nomination in August.. So keep speaking and spreading TRUTH, and 'RON PAUL FOR PRESIDENT!!'