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Monday, November 28, 2011


Keith Olbermann in a recent aired diatribe said: 

"American was founded by, invigorated by and re-invigorated by Protest" 

Huh? The founding fathers did not "protest" to establish this nation.. There were a couple of incidents in Boston, but my friends it was not "Protest" that changed the situation it was "Action". If we relied on the power of "protest" we would still be a colony of Great Britain and actually by this 21st century most likely living in several Marxist colonies spread across American speaking German.

And on a National level among enfranchised voters I can't think of one time in our History where "Protest" invigorated this nation. What stopped slavery was not 'Protest" is was a pure grass roots movement of enfranchised voters that eventually evolved into a new National Party that was the key to ending slavery. It was not the protesters that ended our involvement in Vietnam, I was there, those protest divided this nation with hate and division on a level even worst than the divisions in our nation today. Our withdraw out of there was the act of an elected by the People administration that actually was the arch enemy of the mass majority of Vietnam protesters. 

The one and only American exception and a proper example of invigorating 'protest' was the Civil Rights movement of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. But that was not a case of enfranchised voters protesting, it was actually a case of disenfranchised voters protesting primarily for the right to vote in free and non corrupt elections. 

Other than MLK, please name a single other time when anything positive was achieved by the 'protest' of enfranchised voters? Enfranchised People that are suppose to be the "power" of this (former) Republic and control the all situations related to Government via their Representatives. . We of course today have zero Representation because of our ignorance and failure to 'act'. But, just know we can simply turn all this corrupt government around if we could somehow figure a way to pull our heads out of the sand and simply Stand Up. Stand United in "Power" not in subservient "Protest" that abdicates our power. . .. 

In the Occupy Wall St. 1% vs. the 99% debate you must ask yourselves this question: Who has the POWER, the AUTHORITY, and the RESPONSIBILITY to rule this Nation according to its own Constitution, the 1% or the 99% ? You know the answer, so why would we protest the 1%... they (the people in office that currently only represent the "1%") should be 'protesting' us, the People who actually have Power over them! ..We have the Power, we are enfranchised, they are not and only vote (suppose to be) as our governmental servants to ONLY represent us. . 

SOLUTION SIMPLE: Let's quite all the counter productive and divisive Left vs. Right ideological tools the ruling elite uses to divide us, always playing, corrupting and supporting both sides like: Conservative vs. Liberal or Muslim vs. Christian, or Christian vs. Jew, or 'Rich vs. Poor' etc.. and the mother lode: the totally futile Republican vs. Democrat. Let drop all the ignorant rhetoric, and simply STAND UP, UNITE, ORGANIZE and take back our REPUBLIC! 

It really is that simple, all we have to do it stand up and execute our civic responsibility... One thing for sure, we MUST stop listening to and totally wash our hands of anything Republican or Democrat.. and also stop listening to the 24/7 indoctrination in the so called "news media", FOX/CNN/ABC/CBS/NBC etc.. absolute futile to watch 2 minutes of their so called "news"... And you "Republicans" please don't think for a second that FOX is "news fair and balanced", it is just as controlled if not more than any major network news that lean 'left'. 

The 99% vs. 1% equation if it was 'realistic' it should be 100% Americans vs. the Global Elites that currently corruptly and absolutely run our Nation through its corrupt and unconstitutional ownership of our monetary system (FED). 

And please understand when I say STAND I'm for sure not talking about standing in a futile "Protest". If you are 'PROTESTING" you just need to look into the mirror and you will see the person you should be protesting. I'm talking about individuals Standing Up and speaking out to your fellow enfranchised voters against this corrupt control and acting out with your enfranchised voters the very simple solution, taking your civic responsibility to ensure REPRESENTATION. Not Rocket Science here, and sure this 'STANDING' will include Rallies in efforts to further Unite in purpose and cause.. but never Protest, again, when you are an enfranchised voter and you 'protest' you are conceding Power and disenfranchising yourself. Rally support, Rally the Troops, but never protest!

Ken O'Toole

Thursday, November 24, 2011

.WHY IS IT AN "OVERGROWN 'DORKY MECHANICAL MONSTER"..response to Herman Cain's new 9-9-9 video:

Herman, the video does not touch on who all the money is going to, like it mentions $481 Billion dollars "just keeping up with the rules" no mention of who that is going to and why?  Herman, you know it has been our politicians that absolutely don't represent the American People that have corruptly created this "Mechanical Monster" and this current economic recession and oppressed state we live in! Why can't we go there and deal with that Herman?

Also your video does not touch on the very stark reality of the 'on the books' $114.5 Trillion in unfunded Mandates. Why can't we talk about reality here Herman? Why can't we talk about overcoming the indoctrination of a controlled media and talk about the stark reality and wake up 99% of all current Americans that refuse to grasp what $114.5 Trillion in unfunded Mandates represents.

Herman your silence is allowing what most people do when hearing something that messes with their 'inner world understandings of things' (like $114.5 trillion in mandated deficit spending) to keep a blind eye to reality by performing the classic cognitive dissonant reduction to get back to their safe 'inner world'. And reality is Herman, on this vital issue (and a few others) we can't afford the subconscious cognitive dissonant reduction routine with a 114.5 Trillion pound gorilla sitting right there in our living rooms.

And our objective Herman should be much more than educating people on what unfunded mandates are but more importantly what they represent.. And right now we should not give a fiddler's fart of who passed them or when they were passed, outside of these two facts:

1. No American breathing air did or would have (if you had time to study them) voted for any of these mandates over into deficit spending!   Nor did any breathing air American ever vote for a single politician that ran for office on any deficit spending, and in fact just the opposite (even our lovely Obama) ran campaigns for office against passing anything leading to deficit spending. Yet we currently have on the books through 2014 $19 Trillion of unfunded deficit spending, and another $95 Trillion waiting in the wings, and no one seems to care about what that REPRESENTS, and the insane system that allowed it.

2. We have to understand that we have two massively corrupted parties in the Republicans and Democrats, that passed these totally unfunded Mandates, which to try to describe the level of irresponsibility of that goes beyond words.

It does not matter Herman right now who passed the most, or the passed the most insane of this insane spending R's or D's, that is moot right now, The point is the rancid level of corruption that exists within the current two party system; they are both saturated in corruption that is (rancid) never going to change. You know Herman that all these R and D massively corrupt passed Mandates only means we will be enslaved to instigators of them, the massively corrupt FED and their sister Central Banks all over the world for “loans”. This has been all by Design for enslaving the American People in debt to the Global Elite's World Central Banking system.

Herman It's important that every American fully understands the FED does not lend us anything or back anything of the $114.5 Trillion (only the American people back everything) it all is key stroked out of pure thin air. The exact same for the so called Treasury Bonds that so called countries like China buys. As you know Herman China does not buy jack, it's the FED's sister owned Central Bank in China "The People's" Bank of China that is key stroking thin air payments for those T-bonds, and we must never forget until we and STAND UP and end this insanity, only the individual American people of the United States back these "loans" and T-Bonds, and ONLY the INDIVIDUAL AMERICAN PEOPLE have to repay them (status quo and totally UNCONSTITUTIONALLY), with their very real personal wages and very real personal property.

The point Herman should not be in trying to fix something that is rancid in corruption and somehow make it work, the point should be to communicate the Reality of this massively corrupt situation, and educated people of the very simple steps needed to put a simple stop to this corrupt debt and tax insanity..

Please, anyone reading this, if you really want to understand and understand how vital it is that the American People simply (wake up first) Stand Up to easily end the corruption that is oppression our Nation, please keep studying this and researching. It's also very important to take everything you hear (esp. anything from any class of media like FOX/CNN/MSNBC etc) with a very large grain of salt (including what I'm saying here) and RESEARCH THIS!.. And know if we can somehow 'wake up' and Stand this will be a piece of cake to put ourselves "We the People" back in a position of having REPRESENTATION to wipe out a majority of this current corruption and get permanent relief from this ever growing enslavement to (written our of pure thin air) debt. As currently hoping you understand we have zero representation.. .
The wagon is goin' to Town Herman!..... Blessings!                          Ken O'Toole 

Tuesday, November 22, 2011


The myth and futility of Protest, why concede Power?
1% vs. the 99%... too simplistic to even come close to REALITY, but I'll play that game... You must ask yourselves this question: Who has the POWER, the AUTHORITY, and the RESPONSIBILITY to rule this Nation according to its own CONSTITUTION.. THE 1% OR THE 99% ? 

If you are thinking clearly you know the answer, it's the 99%. So, since we have the Power, the Authority, and the RESPONSIBILITY, let's quite all the Left vs. Right, Conservative vs. Liberal and the most futile Republican vs. Democrat rhetoric, and simply STAND UP, UNITE, ORGANIZE and take back our REPUBLIC! 

It really is that simple, all we have to do it stand up and execute our civic responsibility... One thing for sure, we MUST wash our hands of anything Republican or Democrat.. and stop listening to 24/7 indoctrination in the Media, FOX/CNN etc.. absolute futile to watch 5 minutes of their so called "news"... Please don't think for a second that FOX is "news fair and balanced", it's as controlled if not more than any major network news that lean 'left'. 

The 99% vs. 1% equation if it was 'realistic' it should be 100% American vs. the Global Elites that currently and corruptly totally and absolutely run our Nation. And please understand when I say STAND I'm for sure not talking about backward "Protest". If you are 'PROTESTING" you just need to look into the MIRROR! 

No, I'm talking about Standing Up and speaking out against this corrupt control and VERY SIMPLY doing your civic responsibility to ensure REPRESENTATION. Not Rocket Science, and sure this 'STANDING' will include Rallies in efforts to further Unite in purpose and cause.. but NEVER PROTEST, you are conceding Power and disenfranchising yourself.
                                                                                                                  Ken O'Toole 

Saturday, November 19, 2011


Maggie, the term "Raving Cancer" comes from American's greatest economist Thomas Sowell..his term for the Federal Reserve, not mine, but I think it is if anything too mild a term when it comes the the actual destruction they are imposing on our lives. And actually "Killing our Nation" is also an understatement Our Nation officially died in 1913 and the final nails were put into the casket in 1963 when they killed the last president that actually represented the people of the United States, Kennedy.

America is not owned by other countries, it is owned and controlled by those who have full autonomy of our monetary system and the access to 4 months a year of our personal wages and property. These same mostly foreign owners of the Federal Reserve own all Central Banks in the World, like The People's Bank of China, the ECB, Bank of England, Central Bank of Egypt, Central Bank of Russia, Central Bank of United Arab Emirates, and the Bank of Israel, etc. etc.. All owned by the exact same banking families that own the FED. And like they have full control of our government they have full and absolute control of each of the governments of these Central Banks Nations.

Today these lovelies control almost every major nation on earth and are manipulated like the US for the good of the Global banking elites World Governance goals. Libya was a recent example of one of the holdout nations crumbling to their insane level of power. They were actually setting up their new "Central Bank of Libya" back in March of this year, months before they were able to corner and kill Gaddafi.

I could literary write a book here on this so I will stop, but to answer your question, what do we do.. We have to first realize that both parties in current 2 party system are rancid in corruption way beyond repair, no one, and I mean NO ONE from either of those parties in a national office will ever represent the People of the United States!! . Secondly we have to wake up to the reality that this has absolutely zero to do with left or right, rich or poor, conservative or liberal..absolutely ZERO the Fed families fully support and control all major 'sides' ideologies in the US, for the primary purpose to keep us sharply and most ignorantly divided, and wow is it working!

Once we have waken up people to these simple very real truths it will be a very simple matter of standing, uniting and putting into office (crazy as it may sound) our Representatives! Something we have zero, absolutely zero of today.. Once we have the executive and a majority in one house, (which will be a piece of cake in pure grass roots movement of fully awake Americans) First things first abolish the massively corrupt Federal Reserve and every massively corrupt tentacle of its system. Then abolish it's sister corrupt acts passed in same year 1913, in the form of amendments 16th and 17th

Overnight we will see economic recovery beyond our imagination, not only here but all over the World! All oppression in the US will be lifted overnight! Massive recovery, in spite of their media telling us the world economy will collapse, just the total opposite will happen when we have again the control of our own government and our own dollar. It will truly be amazing the difference that will come over the US; just imagine being free of oppressive senseless spending, and taxation, overnight this could happen.. I know this is hard to imagine I could write another book here on this aspect and just how it would work and function.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Wall Street, 1913
A time in history when a pure grass roots movement saved our nation. And it was not called a "3rd Party" back then as it should not be called that today if a pure grass roots movement would evolve. You have to understand what was going on in the country back then, the Civil war was totally in the works before the 1860 elections and no matter who got elected that would have transpired or at the minimum a corrupt political dissolving of the United States into two different (bank controlled countries).. If Lincoln was not elected and he didn't also have a majority in Congress of his grass roots party members (the Republican Party not a 3rd party) to back him, we would have lost our Nation, our Republic of the United States for sure, no doubt, you would be hard pressed to find any educated historian to disagree with that. 

Today these same instigators, the mostly foreign banking families the currently own the Federal Reserve don't need to create another civil war to gain their Bank and full control of the US, they already have their Bank and are in full and absolute control of our monetary system and Nation. They don't need to divide the pie to destroy it and move in, they already own the whole pie and are feasting on it, a mother lode pie we just (corruptly and unconstitutionally) handed to them in 1913 via totally paid off and corrupt politicians and ignorantly headed by a hoodwinked Wilson.. They also passed two massively corrupt and unconstitutional amendments that same year the 16th and 17th that were the final pieces (nails in our coffin) to keep a full stranglehold on our Nation. 

They keep this stranglehold control of our Nation and lives with a full ownership of all forms of Media. For decades going back to the early 1800's it was owning and controlling all major newspapers, but today their is not a fiber of any kind of news or entertainment Media they don't own and fully control. They also have always been involved in corrupting education with their first attempt to nationalize education going back to 1867 with their first DOE attempt that was downgraded after universal rejection of this insane idea. Today through their corruptly re-established DOE (officially established in 1980 during the Carter's administration) they control every fiber of "education" we teach our children from pre-school through Doctorate degree. They employ, very effectively, Edward Bernays techniques in their Media and educational control, keeping us totally blind and ignorant to a point that today 114.5 Trillion dollars of mandated enslaved debt to 30 generations of our children, Debt that is for insane worthless and needless spending, does not even register in our pea size brains. It's like "hey I heard some 'nut job' go on about some 114.5 trillion in mandated debt, and oh, I think Manning will play for the Colts this year"

Back in the mid 1800's Jackson was so successful in killing the ideal of a Central bank (after he killed their second charter renewal in 1836 (The Second Bank of the United States) and the anti-Central Bank sentiment was so strong, there was very little chance they could get back their Bank and absolute monetary control again through their normal modus operandi of buying off and corrupting politicians, the public sentiment was just too strong against any form of a 'national Bank'. So they did the second thing they do best and created a War...They used the 'slave' issue as a natural point of contention to tear this nation apart and move in for the spoils. 

A major piece was their totally corrupt Kansas Nebraska Act of 1854, that just like today with deficit spending, not one single American would have voted for it. In fact all candidates of the Whigs and the Democrat parties between 1850 through 1854, including in the south ran campaigns on keeping the limits of slavery to the Missouri Compromise. Kind of like all our R's and D's today all running on Zero Deficit spending yet we are facing 114.5 trillion in unfunded passed by R and D mandates. So in 1854 to the astonishment of almost every American out comes the Kansas Nebraska act that essentially voided out the Missouri Compromise of 1820. This actually backfired and lead to our grass roots movement, and one more major incident lead to the forming of this pure as the driven snow grass roots movement that evolved into the Republican party. Their first National (convention) meeting in 1856 and in 4 more short years they succeeded in electing a President and a majority in the house in 1860. 

I would like to end this with a question, there was a secret to the success of that grass roots movement that lead to the forming of this new party back in the 1850's an incident that helped them go against all odds, without a figurehead leader, print news media totally against them and they still succeeded.  One important piece was the insane Kansas Nebraska act, going against every American's core values and beliefs, (like today with this insane spending and 'bail outs), but there was also something else that happened around this exact time that was key in this pure grass roots movement forming and eventually saving our Republic... ?              Ken O'Toole 

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Special Message to Christians and Christian Leaders

Do you really think all this cancer is falling out of the sky?

Romans 13:1-2 is often greatly misunderstood. Many Christians wrongly interpret this passage of Scripture to mean that we should offer unquestioning obedience to government, even if it's an evil and corrupt government. Corrupt governments like what we live in today in the United States, and if you don’t currently understand or think this, you might discover this truth if we woke up and simply opened our eyes. This misinterpretation of Romans 13:1-2 is one of the biggest lies and deceptions coming from the lowest regions of the one true enemy of all mankind. Concerning this lie we need to follow the example Christ gave us when Satan used partial scripture to tempt Him, Jesus turned it around in a heartbeat using the whole scripture, and if we would just examine the next verse in Romans 13, verse 3: "For rulers are not a terror to good works, but to the evil." this debate AND all the turning of blind eyes to evil would end.

God is clearly telling us that ‘rulers’ are not a “terror” to good, but they are a “terror to evil, clearly implying that this scripture is speaking about GOOD governments that are naturally a “terror to evil works” i.e. crimes against its own people. Today in America, we don’t just have a few ‘evil’ crimes against our own people propagated from the current corrupt control of our government, we have massive atrocities being committed against our own people, and other innocent people throughout the World, and we are funding all these atrocities with our personal wages and personal property. Atrocities that today is literally killing and destroying the innocent lives of our own children. The people that currently have total absolute corrupt rule over our Nation, the United States is actively committing massive “terror against all that is good” and propagate a diabolical level of pure evil against us, its own people! And, I think the biggest tragedies I’ve witnessed in my lifetime, is not these horrific atrocities, but the silence of the people to these diabolical acts, and especially the silence of Christians and Christian leaders in America .

The people that currently have corrupt and unconstitutional rule over this country and control every fiber if it, and its elected officials, and its banking and financial institutions, its education system, its media, its health care, its military, its energy, most of its largest corporations are not American, are not elected by any American, and achieve these oppressive and diabolical acts through the corruptly passed FEDERAL RESERVE Act giving carte blanche control of our monetary system, hence our Nation, our Lives. And if we are in “a Republic for which it stands” we the People have the power and RESPONSIBILITY to make sure this government is Good and is a “terror against evil” NOT A TERROR AGAINST ITS OWN PEOPLE!

Let’s define Republic: "a state in which the supreme power rests in the body of citizens entitled to vote and is exercised by representatives chosen directly or indirectly by them" Christians, Christian Leaders, this is our Government, it’s “we the people” (which of course includes Christian people) that have the POWER and more important the RESPONSIBILITY of its functioning. If ‘we the people’ don’t as the Bible clearly tells us: become a “terror to evil works” we are abrogating our responsibility and spitting on this incredible gift of Freedom and Liberty God has so graciously given to us in the forming of these United States.

Two things I want to encourage all Christians and especially Christian Church leaders to do:
1. Start speaking out against every form of this pure evil that has unconstitutionally and corruptly taken control of our Nation. You must start speaking out against the rancid level of corruption that permeates both the Republican and Democratic parties. This corruption has lead to horrific and criminal acts against our innocent children.. AND YOU have the responsibility to not turn a BLIND EYE, but to investigate and expose this evil.
2. If your Church is organized and registered with the government as a 501(c )(3) drop the registration with the IRS, and un-organize with them. You are not required in any shape form or manner to be under the corrupt control of this corrupt IRS filing as a “Tax-Exempt” organization! The 1st amendment assures your exemption from any class of taxation form the Government and takes total precedence over any IRS code. If you are wrongly ‘organized’ currently as a 501(c ) (3) you don’t need me to tell you of the free speech restriction it puts on you and on God’s Word, if it’s God’s Word that is your desire to proclaim. And yes I understand that many large organization will be restricted from contributing to your Church as the corrupt IRS will not allow tax exemption for these large organizations if they contribute to a Church that is not organized as a 501c3; so big deal, if you think God needs those contributions, you have much bigger problems than whether or not you're receiving donations.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Do you really believe all this Cancer and Disease is just falling out of the sky? 
All my life I have wondered how all those good Jewish people in Europe could just allow themselves to be so blinded and deceived to be packed into cattle cars, to be carted off to be slaughtered? How could that possible happen among good highly intelligent people? I also often thought about the German people that had to see major signs of these atrocities, and had to have noticed the ashes and dead bodies in their streets of innocent people and yet they remained SILENT, going on with life as usual. And often though there had to be good Christians in German, how could the Christian Church just stay SILENT with all these diabolical acts against everything righteous and good, going on daily in their country? 

Now I realize it’s no different today here in the United States, where we blindly and ignorantly accept the destruction of the lives and health of our own children via INSANE money cow VACCINES AND PSYCHOTROPIC DRUGS, actually practicing forms of Eugenics originated in Nazi Germany! And we just stay SILENT and just ignorantly and blindly go about our daily routines of amusing ourselves. We ignorantly keep voting in a rancid with corruption two party system as our whole nation is dissolving into a state of oppression and debt (114.5 Trillion dollars of unfunded insane mandates currently passed by Republicans and Democrats) leading to and accepting the very same kind of progressive rule that overtook Germany in the 1930's. 

The below is a paraphrase of a speech first given by Martin Niemoller, a Protestant minister, in 1946. 

First they came for the Jews
and I did not speak out
because I was not a Jew.
Then they came for the Sick and Disabled
and I did not speak out
because I was not Sick or Disabled.
Then they came for the Catholics,
and I didn't speak up because I was a Protestant
Then they came for me
and there was no one left
to speak out for me.


Friday, November 4, 2011


Our good friend Michael missing the root cause, the point 
MICHAEL, the people running Israel, that we hand over "aid" to are the exact same people running the US.. same people that run the EU.. same, all the same people, the names of countries like "England", "China", "United States", "Israel" are just labels associated to their Central Banks in each country. So when we say the “United States sent 80 billion dollars of "aid" to Israel today”, the reality is: "The United States private owned FEDERAL RESERVE Central Bank, sent their private owned Central Bank in Israel 80 Billion dollars of Americans hard earned personal wages and personal property today"

MICHAEL, MICHAEL, so it the same people that own and control "our" congress and the two parties R's & D's, and almost all other branches and departments of “our” government, along with our course our lovely clown puppet presidents like Bush and Obama are the same mostly foreign elite banking families that own the private FEDERAL RESERVE, that we just ignorantly and UNCONSTITUTIONALLY continue to let rule over us with 1000% unchecked control of our monetary system.

MICHAEL, the media you are jumping up and down there on, and the same Media that produced your lovely movies, SAME PEOPLE own them. They of course had to purchase all forms of Media in the US and world to keep manipulating the little people (using the likes of you) dumb and blind. And, of course they have to keep "buying off our congress" and other branches, departments of our government, and of course a firm control and ownership of both the Republican and Democrat parties to keep the cash flowing.

MICHAEL, that cash flowing is directly from our personal wages and personal property directly to their FEDERAL RESERVE and their other Global Central Banks via (they pay for with pure thin air) Treasury Bonds, and of course via their utilizing the corrupt likes of the IMF. And it's real important to understand MICHAEL that the pure insanity of our "Two Party" system is a major tool in keeping their global ponzi scheme going. Today we are kept so massively blind and ignorant via their totally owned and controlled Media (including Fox my ‘R’ friends) that we paid for with our personal wages and property, they of course got us so totally duped we ignorantly actually believe we can only have the two parties R & D. Does it get any better than this MICHAEL?

They fully understand and utilize that Latin phrase ‘Divide et impera’, divide and rule, and cleverly give agendas to the Left ‘D’ party and the Right ‘R’ party to keep us little pathetic people divided and 'appeased' with their retarded "Liberal vs. Conservative" rhetoric.. ' Even this subject you are jumping up and down about today on “aid” to Israel you know fits that scenario, they of course never let any opportunity go to waste where they can create more Hate and Division among the pathetic little people .. Somehow we need to wake up MICHAEL!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Divide and conquer (derived from the Latin saying Divide et impera) may refer to Divide and rule,

Can we see God's design and plan here?
I'm thinking it might be time to stop all the Left vs. Right stuff and instead sharpen the 'focus' on what it's actually going to take to stop the rapidly deteriorating of our Republic.  

All Americans I believe have a Civic and Ethical responsibility to do the right thing ALWAYS in stopping corruption and outside foreign control of our Nation. 

We have to be very careful though that we, in our passions and desire for the best for our Nation, don't take up issues that are just used by the corrupt powers in control to fuel DIVISIONS in the process.  Going back to the 'divide et impera theory, to the Right all our problems are due to the Left, and of course the Left feels all our problems are due to those people on the Right.  And the Poor believe all our problems are due to the Rich, and actually the ignorant Rich (actual mostly foreign elites controlling our nation now) believe all our problems are due to the poor.   All this goes on keeping us blind to the actual core cancer that is destroying our Nation.  

Example, not too many people would agree that killing innocent babies is wrong, but many people have been duped into believing that technically it's o.k. if it's a fetus, and the main issue is 'choice' of the mother... That issue BY DESIGN has become one of the most decisive issues in the US today and in my life time.   So now everyone's focus is on "Rights to Life", and "Rights of Choice" and in the mean time Babies pre and post born are being killed with abortions, harmful drugs, and toxic vaccines.   The enemy of our Nation, that is working 24/7 to destroy us from 'within', has actually manipulated this 'division' (as they do all 'divisions') to keep focus OFF the core issue, murdering and destroying the lives of innocent children. 

They fully understand "Divide et inpera' here and love this, and play this to the hilt manipulating every fine detail of this issues, while actually financially supporting both Pro Life and Pro Choice sides, as they always manipulate and support all sides of divisive issues: Jews vs. Arabs, Christians vs. Muslims, Rich vs. Poor, Capitalism vs. Socialism etc. etc.  Our controlling (mostly foreign FED/Central Banking families) absolutely love dividing people, it’s a main ingredient in keeping their very real stranglehold on our society!  'Right wing Conservatives' will be "Pro Life", "Anti-Immigration" "pro Rich" etc. and "Left wing Liberals will be "Pro Choice", "Pro-illegal immigration" "Anti rich" etc. etc....and the total destruction of our Republic keeps going on and on, in earnest all my life, non stop.. We really need to wake up! 

So, what I would like to suggest here is maybe consider putting aside anything and Everything that will be kerosene on the fire destroying our Nation, and just focus on PUTTING OUT THE FIRE.. Let’s stop making rocket science out of a very simple issue of Governance within our Constitution, and instead (crazy as it may sound) focus on the destroyers of our Republic!  Then after we stop stranglehold and total loss or representation in our own Government, it will be a lot easier to debate and determine technicalities involved in many sides of all social ideologies and issues. 

We need to stop being played like a cheap violins on these many issues that DIVIDE by PURE DESIGN of the owners of the private  FEDERAL RESERVE that a spider web of ownership, control our media and through their unconstitutional control of our monetary system they today totally control our nation.  Today we need to instead turn the focus on the THEM, the actual people doing the destruction of our Nation from within.   It will take a very simple civic function to END this corrupt destruction, let's STAND UP!      Ken O'Toole

Wednesday, November 2, 2011


I have come to the very sad conclusion that many, or most, of today’s pastors, church officers and leaders fear the federal government (which today is rancid in corruption, and not controlled by any American, nor represents any American) far more than they fear God. Two reasons for this, and all by 'design' be these same massively corrupt mostly foreign controllers that control our nation, unconstitutionally, through our monetary system controlled by their FEDERAL RESERVE:

1. The trend of almost all churches today of ignorantly going to the IRS and registering as a 501c3 (non-profit) corporations, when they already by the Constitution have that 'exemption'.. (that Chris McDaniel brought this to my attention yesterday, thanks). In researching this I've discovered that twenty years ago less that 20% of all American churches ignorantly registered with the unconstitutional IRS as 501(c)3 corporations, and today that percentage is tragically well over 80%.

2. The total misinterpretation of Romans Chapter 13, and another quick reference in I Peter about submitting to the state. This totally wrong misinterpretation is subtly promoted by our lovely FEDERAL RESERVE controllers today as Hitler did during his rise to power in German back in the 1930's. There is a reason Jesus tells us: “Behold, I send you forth as sheep in the midst of wolves: be ye therefore wise as serpents and harmless as doves” (Matt 10:16)

Dick Greb of the Save-A-Patriot Fellowship in Westminster, Maryland, wrote:

“Many Americans find it disturbing that some of our churches today are little more than milquetoast corporations that fear our federal government more than the great I AM. Moreover, it can even be said that some preachers have the appearance of cringing, ‘politically correct’ cowards, rather than committed Godly men of fortitude with backbone, such as those we read of in the Bible.”

Chuck Baldwin, founder of Crossroads Baptist Church in Pensacola, FL.:

".. you can take this to the bank: the vast majority of pastors and board members of these 501(c)(3) corporations, when push comes to shove (and it always does), will demonstrate unconditional loyalty to the State. Plus, they will compromise or sacrifice any and every Bible doctrine or principle in order to preserve their tax-exempt status and stay on the smiley side of the IRC. They will also throw anyone under the old proverbial bus who might risk them falling out of favor with the IRS. (I can give painful and personal testimony to that fact!) Greb (Dick Greb) is right! Many, or most, of today’s pastors and church officers fear the federal government far more than they fear God.

Chuck goes on to say in reference to the Colonial Preachers, 'The Black Brigade' that many give credit for setting the 'fire' that help form our (once) FREE Republic:

..."Not only did colonial preachers not have to contend with putting their churches under some State-controlled corporation, they would never have allowed it to happen! Can one imagine John Leland, Jonas Clark, or John Witherspoon being told by any State official what he could or could not say, or what his church could or could not do? What a joke! These men were willing to go to prison or even the grave in order to remain faithful to their spiritual calling and to their political and moral convictions!"

..."And the other thing (besides 501c3) that colonial preachers did not suffer from was a 50-year indoctrination of a misinterpretation of Romans 13. This “Submit-to-the-government-no-matter-what” doctrine (using Romans 13 as the pretext) is a satanically inspired lie designed to turn free men and women into slaves of the state! Students of history know that Adolf Hitler encouraged German pastors and churches to promote this same fallacious philosophy among the German people."

Keeping this short I have two things to add in conclusion:

1. Men and Women of God, wake up, Church Leaders, Ministers, Pastors, wake up and by all means re structure your Bodies of Worship, your Churches and drop the massively ignorant registration/incorporation of 501(c)3. You need to stop listening to your lawyers, your accountants, and start listening to God!.. And start speaking the truth about this pure evil that has permeated our Nation and our Society, that is actually and daily promoting grave harm onto our children! I can assure you, you have the right and responsibility given to us by God to do so! If you don't, and keep silent and turning that Blind Eye.. to be blunt, I think you can look forward to front row seats in that Goat section.

2. As far as Romans 13, I am and everyone should be a fan of what is written here by Paul, which is just implying we need common structure within a society.. Yes the structure of governing authorities are the designed structure and formation of God. So what Paul is saying in Romans and again in I Peter is this simple fact that everyone should for the sake or order follow this designed and formed structures by God. I don't need to go past the first 2 words in Romans 13:1: "Let Everyone", and in KJV "Every sole".. This is not just instruction for Christian but for everyone: Christians, non-Christians, Muslims, Atheist, etc. for the common good of society, as designed and formed by God.. So to imply that this is clear instructions to Christians, (and especially Christian Leaders) to not participate in their Civic duty to ensure we have honest government, or not to take upon yourself the responsibility to ensure we have 'Representation' in our own government, or to not speak out when it is unjust, is WRONG beyond words!

It would be like Paul was implying if you live in a town where a wealthy family killed off all the governing authorities and ruled corruptly over you and your family in that town, and they created an environment that was actually harming your children, to not say a word or do anything other than to keep submitting to these murders? You know that would be INSANE, but that is exactly what has happened to our former Republic the United States and exactly what we are doing today, staying silent and doing NOTHING! When all we have to do to bring order back, our Republic back is simply stand and do our Civic duty and common sense responsibility .. WHICH I CAN ASSURE YOU PAUL IN ROMANS CHAPTER 13 DOES NOT EXEMPT YOU FROM! Blessings! Ken O'Toole


1. Keep speaking the truth anywhere, any opportunity, any way or medium.

2. Don’t give up on anyone, but at the same time ‘shake to dust’ when your messages is not welcome. And look again for an opening with those people, sometimes the strongest objectors to the truth are the ones most vulnerable to actually opening their mind and ‘waking up’..

3. Goal is to stay consistent with the TRUTH to a point that it spreads like ‘wild fire’ and evolves into a pure grass roots movement with all fully understanding the root source of what is wrong with this Nation, and the simple civic solution, and are actively Standing for Truth.

4. It’s important here to understand the dynamics of a Pure Grass Roots Movement:. 
           a. It must stay figurehead free.. Every member of the grass roots movement it the Leader in the forming stages, we will only appoint ‘Leaders’ when we start nominating people for political office, and it will only be people that have come through the fire with us, promoting 'from within'... 
           b. We must have a Vision and a Mission, and it must be (and stay) clearly defined.. (all the things missing in the last real grass roots movement in America, called the ‘Tea Party’.
          c. Pure grass roots move are impervious to attacks from the media, (and oh, will there be many!) no matter how strong and outlandish they become. It’s important to always understand this, the Media is powerless against a pure grass roots movement standing for Truth. Nothing on earth is as powerful as a pure grass roots movement.
d. Pure grass roots movements absolutely do not need masses of funding to promote itself or any of its nominees (when we get to that stage). This is another beauty of this kind of movement, media dependency is fairly moot. Internet, Blogs, radio call in, and the most effective marketing tool on earth ‘word of mouth’ will be the marketing plan. 

5. After Standing in our pure grass roots movement we must Unite in groups all over America and then start formally organizing into a political party that will (crazy as it may sound today) actually represent We The People… So we will become the one and only political party in the United States that represents the people, and the other two parties that only have two interest in We the People: VOTES and TAXING personal wages and property, those two parties with become party number 2 and the 3rd party number 3 (they can fight over who’s 2 and 3)..

6. And it just keeps getting easier, next we just have to win the White House and at the minimum have a majority in the House… in a pure grass roots movement this really will be fairly easy to accomplish. 

7. Now the hard part.. we have to roll up our sleeves, and start the process or returning our Republic, dismantling and abolishing the masses of corruption in the government, starting of course with the Federal Reserve and its sister unconstitutional amendments 16th and 17th . Stop insane funding of the IMF, abolish the CDC, restructure the FDA, and close down the insane DOE.... Lots of work, and yes there will be arrest, we will be holding these people like Franks and Dodd, etc. accountable.. And again you must know the Press will be crucifying ever thing we are doing nonstop, but they too will have a lot of accountability to face themselves and another primary objective will be re establishing FREE PRESS in the United States.. 

This will be the greatest thing we can do for our Nation, our Families and our Children.. And we will become the new Greatest Generation in American History…. Big piece of cake if a majority of us can overcome the 24/7 negative impact of a controlled media and simply WAKE people  UP.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011


The mostly foreign owned private FEDERAL RESERVE 

Let’s face it, no one is going to understand any of this until they understand the basic elements of good journalism, Who, What, When, Where, How and Why. …. Just talking about the ailments and wounds all the time is getting us nowhere; it won’t make sense to the average person, especially when all forms of media are 24/7 propagating something just the opposite to the reality of what is actually happening. When we try to ‘make a case’ and convince people this is really happening I think we make the mistake of talking about and focusing on the ailments of the ‘crime’ and fail to focus on the key factors that make a ‘case’. Like a murder case, everyone knows there has been a murder, and you have a suspect, but if you want the Grand Jury to take it to trial, you must make a case that the suspect was involved in two basic elements, a Murder Weapon and a Motive.. To convince that jury of the need to bring this to trial you don’t go on and on about the wounds to the body, you go on about the Motive and the actual Murder Weapon.. In our case here in the murdering of our Republic, the Motive is very clear: Global Governance. And the Murder Weapon is very clear as well: the Central (FED type) Banking system:

Would be the World elite banking families utilizing the Central Banks that currently control the monetary systems of every major nation on earth today. The Federal Reserve is their central bank in the United States, the People’s Bank of China, is their fully owned and controlled central bank in China for examples. Their arch enemies always seems to be God and the free people of the world, primary the people of the United States.

Would include the understanding of how a Fractional Reserve Banking system works and then how it is applied to a National Central Bank like the mostly foreign owned and very private Federal Reserve. In simple terms, a Central Bank is not required to have or back anything they lend out to the Government. Like in our case the FED Reserve does not have a ‘reserve’, is not required to have a ‘reserve’ and absolutely does not back anything they ‘lend’ out, so in essence what they “lend” is pure thin air. In other words you could be penniless, but if you were a Central Bank you would just have to key stroke or have your handy government treasury print off trillions of dollars in currency, and you could call that a loan to the government, even though you key stroked it out of pure thin air and did not lend out anything.  The Central (FED) Bank, under the lovely Central Banking System will then get paid back in full plus interest on that ‘pure thin air’ (the Central bank lent to the Government) from the people’s very real personal wages and property.. Four months a year of our personal wages are just unconstitutionally handed over to these mostly foreign elite banking families for their use and pleasure. And of course in our case in the United States all this is massively UNCONSTITUTIONAL!

Also, this System makes it a major motive for the Central Bank like the FEDERAL Reserve to corruptly via their many corrupt lobbyist and paid off corrupted politicians to create MASSIVE DEBT.. you know like maybe 118.5 trillion dollars of unfunded mandates on the books today, that the only ones MANDATED to PAY all this massively insane DEBT that was written our of PURE THIN AIR to these elite mostly foreign banking families is the American people, 'we the people' out of our personal wages and property.. This is the definition of insanity by the way.

Now, as I'm typing this, and this have been in the works going back before the Napoleonic wars, deeply involved in the elements that lead to our Revolutionary War, and was responsible for our War of 1812, our Civil War, and has been involved in all major wars and conflicts in the world (WWI and II, Cold War, Korean War, Viet Nam, all the Middle East wars, today the mythical "War on Terror" and in all these conflicts, always instigating and THIN AIR funding both sides!

The United States, the EU, the Middle East, former Communist Bloc nations, China and literally ever major country currently in the World.

Primarily utilizing the insane Central Banking System that we in the United States live under today. A system that was corruptly established with paid off by the elite Banking Families politicians in most every state and all controlling members of the ‘two party system’ Republicans and Democrats in Washington passing three key pieces of legislation: The Federal Reserve Act and the 16th and 17th Amendments… all corruptly passed in 1913. How we remain ignorant of all this and stay ignorant is two fold:

One through their corrupt influence with lobbyist and paid off R’s and D’s (all funded with our personal wages and property) they absolutely control every major department and agency in our government, like the dept. of Education keeping us dumbed down from preschool through college, they utilize their full control of the FDA, CDC, to keep us drugged and blind to reality with deadly and life destroying vaccines and psychotropic drugs that also play a key role in the population control (EUGENICS) and creating medial dependency of every American. They also of course control most every other key government agency like the CIA, FBI and NSA, etc. and have major infiltration of our military.

Secondly we stay blind and ignorant because of what else they have purchase with 99 years of our personal wages and personal property. Through a spider web of controlled ownership they own and control all the major Banks and financial institutions and all major corporations that have anything to do with food, drugs, water, energy.. AIG, Goldman’s, Chase, GE, Halliburton, Bank of America, BP, Monsanto, Pfizer, Lilly, Merck, to name a few.. And they love playing the “Capitalist” card.. Corrupting these corporations abusing the people and areas they are in and then use one of their ignorant shills like Michael Moore to blame their corruption on Capitalism. They fire up their progressive and socialist massively ignorant base to protest capitalism thus making a retarded case for their end goal of World Governance which will of course be a communist type, progressive type of world control.

The primary purchase with our wages, these lovely elite banking families have made has been every form imaginable of World Media, including even bill boards. Our founding Fathers made is abundantly clear that FREE PRESS was a major pillar of our Republic and if we ever lost FREE PRESS we would lose our Republic. Well today there is not a micro ounce of FREE PRESS left anywhere in the United States and World. They made good use of our personal wages and property, buying up the AP, the UPI and Reuters, all major TV networks, of course the BBC, and all Media in Europe and their former communist bloc nations, They made the liberal idiot Ted Tuner give up his CNN, and like mentioned above they even now own all bill boards through their CBS. Of course they own every major motion picture studio in the world, Sony, Disney, MGM, Warner, etc.. Just going back to 1980’s there were over 50 major media companies in the United States, today there are just 4, and again all owned through a spider web of ownership by these mostly foreign elite and most lovely banking families.

They utilize one of the prodigies Edward Bernays mass media mind control techniques to make us believe that vaccine and prescription drugs are good in spite of the millions of lives they destroy daily. Them make us think things like drop down baby cribs must be banned because in 10 years there were 3 baby deaths that were related to these cribs, while we daily shoot up our innocent new born babies with a deadly Hep B (for Sexually transmitted diseases and street drug needle sharing) vaccinations that directly leads to over 30 Thousand SIDs death a year, destroys these innocent babies immune system and directly leads to Cancer, Diabetes, Autism, Heart Disease, millions of destroyed lives as they get older!

One more 'HOW' and there are others, is through their corrupt influence and controlled politicians they do things like lowering tariffs on foreign countries like their China, allowing for an almost total elimination of factories and production in the United States, shifting that and those jobs away form the U.S. private sector to their owned and controlled corporations in China (through their Central Bank in China "The People's Bank of China").. The Federal Reserve also has an imposed limit on what they can (so called) "lend" the United States, but have no problem getting around that, they just order the Treasury to issue Treasury Bonds and then have their bank in China "The People's Bank of China, purchase them (again purchasing them with key stroked pure thin air) and again it's 'we the people' unconstitutionally paying their bank in China back with our very real and hard earned personal wages and property..

To shift the wealth of the United states, not to other countries, but to their other banks in other countries. WHY, to control everything we think and do. To gain total Power and Control over all people to achieve World Governance. (it’s for our own good) … O.K... TIME TO WAKE UP AMERICA!!

All Tyranny Needs...

‎"All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent." .. “Resistance to tyrants is obedience to God.” Thomas Jefferson

"History will have to record that the greatest tragedy of this period of social transition was not the strident clamor of the bad people, but the appalling silence of the good people." Martin Luther King Jr.