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Thursday, December 29, 2011


Susan's "Crony Capitalism" is simply: give a group of private elite banking families (mostly foreign) absolute and unchecked control of your Nation's monetary system, (Unconstitutionally in the US), like we did in 1913 and have gravely suffered under it's oppression every since (including their creation of the Great Depression and current depression), you will always have something she labels "Crony Capitalism" which has zero to do with capitalism!

With unlimited funds and sources (off the backs of the American wage earners) what are you going to do with that money? Besides buying up every fiber of news and entertainment media to ensure mass ignorance of the people is maintained at all times (WOW HAVE THEY DON'T A MASTERFUL JOB THERE!!), they buy other major corporations that also contribute to them keeping power and total control of our lives, leading to their ultimate goal of World Governance. Corporations and institutions like GE, Goldman Sachs, BP, Lockheed, ADM, Morgan Stanley, Monsanto, Pfizer, AIG, all major banks like Bank of America, Merck, etc. etc.. Good Lord, are we STUPID! 

All through this video they say "the "Government" doing this and doing that... It's not the Government, it's the Federal Reserve banking families (mostly foreign) that absolute control our 'Government' doing these things, they have absolute CONTROL.. Control our dumb asses has ignorantly just handed to them, totally unconstitutionally, and fund this pure insanity and destruction of our lives and nation with every penny of 4 months a year of our personal wages and property. WE MUST WAKE UP..THIS HAS ZERO TO DO WITH CAPITALISM, IT HAS TO DO WITH CORPORATISM of the GLOBAL BANKING ELITES, CORRUPTION AT ASTRONOMICAL LEVELS!http://youtu.be/qiMaipssKt4

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

PRESIDENT Obama To Ask For $1.2 Trillion Debt Ceiling Increase

Of Course the People they work for "Need more Money"  WE MUST WAKE UP!
WHY are we so blind AND MASSIVELY IGNORANT!.. ? It's like we are watching a den of cockroaches kill, lie and cheat as they TOTALLY destroy our Republic, and we start trying to figure out what new group of R or D cockroaches will we can add to that den that will lessen the destruction. 

In our pathetic dumbed down minds we work hard constantly rationalizing this pure insanity and always managing to come up with a dissonant reduction to just keep ignorantly moving forward dealing with their devastating effects on our lives, INSTEAD OF JUST STEPPING ON THEM!! PITIFUL!


Thursday, December 15, 2011


Please know that 'THE FIRST PARTY' is just an idea in 'draft' from but it makes a valid point in it's name, since we have zero "parties" representing the people of the United States, it can only be the FIRST party of the People..I really believe we have to avoid the incorrect term "3rd party" like the plague.. that term is an insult to the American People. We also have to understand that currently a good candidate like Ron Paul, that actually stands for the same principles of Truth and Freedom, their only shot will be via an independent party, and it has to be a party that can also win at least a majority in the House to 'function' any real change..

REALITY, TRUTH: A pure Grass Roots movement can very easily achieve this, if it remains pure grass roots 'WORD OF MOUTH' movement of Americans standing for Freedom and Liberty.. I can assure you there is no marketing/media effort on earth that is as powerful as WORD OF MOUTH. It took Obama propagating total falsehoods almost one billion dollars to win the last presidential election.. A pure grass roots movement lead by the People standing for Truth of course will not need a penny to blind the people with the kind of falsehoods propagated by the all the R and D shills running in the 2008 elections

Truth is mightier that a two edge sword ... It will set us Free, and the American People, STANDING, UNITED ON TRUTH will prevail. All races, all religious beliefs, all backgrounds, all ideologies, nothing on this earth is as powerful when people Unite. We the people must put aside all these divisions propagated 24/7 in the media, and simply come together on the vital principles related to saving our Republic and Freedom that good American Leaders like Paul is advocating, these principles of FREEDOM transcends all former divisions  

                                                                                                                                                                           Ken O'Toole

Saturday, December 3, 2011


Blowing smoke and keeping the "Right" feeling good for 23 years. 
Why, two words: Edward Bernays.  In 1980 there were over 50 major Media corporations in the US, today there are only 4 and all 4 are owned by or beholding to the mostly foreign banking families that own and have full control of our monetary system.  We are so conditioned, basically brain washed today to not dare say or believe anything outside of our "Left" or "Right" boxes, we don't want anything interfering with our comfortable mental worlds we have build for ourselves.  

It may be hard to grasp, but we are being dumbed down from all sides....Dumbing us down and keeping us divided is their 3rd most favorite pastime, those people that have absolute control of our Nation via our monetary system. The other huge tool they utilze fully to keep us divided and ignorant, besides their absolute control of our Media, is their total control of our education system.. It's ironic that the GOP has had 'closing the DOE' as a party plank for the last 20 years, but the DOE is dominate as ever destroying our nations education system, showing how futile it is to think today Republicans will ever actually represent a single American. The only thing we have left to communicate Truth in our society is what takes place within the home, but they of course are totally focused there as well, working on destroying all relationships related to the family with monumental successes.. 

We are conditioned to cognitively reduce things to a comfortable feeling.. The media is all about fun, entertaining and feeling comfortable, even bad stories. Feeling comfortable is huge to the average American.. They even succeed in making us feel comfortable with no jobs and losing our homes. And if we do work, we feel totally comfortable just handing over every penny of 4 months of our personal wages each year. There are people that actually want to hand over even more of our personal wages to these mostly foreign banking elites.  Four months a year of our personal wages that go toward insane things like "bailing out" GE so they can close US Plants and lay off 50,000 US workers, and then take our personal wages and build and open overseas GE plants hiring 55,000 overseas workers.. We feel so good and comfortable that the diabolical CEO that did this, the lovely Jeffery Immelt, has been appointed our President's Job's Czar and not a peep out of the comfortable masses.... and we shouldn't hold our breath for the Media to make a story out of this open and mass corruption. 

Our voices consistently speaking Truth is our only hope... It's like that story on FOX on the Senate bill passed giving the President the right to bypass all jurisprudence and hold, detain, imprison any American.. so FOX puts on a Sheriff that has an organization that will fight any orders related to these unconstitutional passed acts... and the same Sheriff tells us it's also up to the States to correct this because we can't trust anyone in DC.. FOX story never touching on the simple fact we the people must Stand Up and are totally responsible to elect representation (which we clearly don't have in DC).. No, the lovely FOX "news fair and balanced" instead the tell us about two options that could deal with this since we don't have representation, and that makes us feel that at least there is a chance those Sheriffs will stop some of this or if not them the States.. Truth we must stop the insanity that allowed it, WE HAVE ZERO REPRESENTATION!... who cares about the Truth.. we just need to feel good, be entertained and feel comfortable.. with that progressive controlling every fiber of our life "utopia" total oppression and enslavement waiting in the wings...

Ken O'Toole

Friday, December 2, 2011


A question I get asked a lot and my answer to "what do we do": 

The most important thing right now is to consistently speak the truth to ever living soul we know in any format or medium we can take advantage of. Right now no American can afford to ever again, in a National election, vote for another Republican or Democrat. That act would be much worse than not voting at all. If we love our Country, love our Children, voting R or D is simply not an option, not even close to a viable option. With every Republican or Democrat vote you drop into a ballet box, you will be hammering nails into the coffin lid of our former Republic, and that my friends is an understatement. 

We simply can't afford to miss any opportunity to spread the Reality and Truth about what is and has happened to our once free Republic. It's also vital to understand that, as powerful as this true enemy our nation is, an enemy that currently, corruptly and unconstitutionally controls our lives with a rancid stranglehold grip on both Republican and Democrat parties, an enemy that also has corrupt and full control of our education system, an enemy that also owns and controls ever fiber of media in the U.S, making 'Free Press' impossible, THE VOICE of a Standing and United People in a pure grass roots movement is at least ten times more powerful!. 

We have to consistently keep speaking this simple reality, that both parties in current Two Party system are rancid in corruption way beyond repair, no one, and I mean NO ONE from either of those parties in a national office will ever effectively represent the People of the United States, it's literally impossible with the current corrupt and unconstitutional control these mostly foreign Banking families have over our Nation! 

Through our ignorant generosity over the last 99 years of just unconstitutionally handing over to mostly foreign elite banking families 4 months a year of our personal wages and personal property, they have purchased and currently control every fiber of major news and entertainment media in the world. And as powerful of a tool that is for them (According to the New York Times, Obama spent almost one billion dollars to win the White House in 2008 (745 Million)http://fec.gov/press/bkgnd/pres_cf/2008PresCamp/1_OverviewPresFinActivity1996-2008.pdf ) a pure grass roots movement of the people spreading truth 'word of mouth', person to person, one person at a time will bury that one billion dollar Presidential marketing effort currently needed to win the white house. And without spending a penny, while that same owned and fully controlled Media the grass roots movement won't be needing our using , will be on an all out 24/7 blitz denigrating their every move and effort through what they call "news" programming. 

With all our marketing wonders and technology today, still (ask any marketing expert) 'word of mouth' is the most effective and powerful marketing tool available in the World. Our enemy knows this very well and is as I'm typing this is working very hard to keep us ignorant and blind to truth. Utilizing of course their corrupt control of our educations system and their absolute ownership and control of all forms of media, yes my Republican friends that includes restrictions on "conservative" talk radio and the likes of someone like Limbaugh who is a shill to the max, and a total manipulation and control of the so called "fair and balanced" Fox "news".. 

We must consistently keep speaking reality until we wake up a majority of Americans to the fact that this has absolutely zero to do with anything left or right, rich or poor, conservative or liberal, Muslim or Christian, etc. etc., .absolutely ZERO to do with any of these standard and most ignorant divisions in our society! The controlling mostly foreign elites that rule our nation through their unconstitutional absolute control of our entire monetary system, fully understand the principle of 'divide and conquer' and totally manipulate, fund and control all sides of these deep division currently and ignorantly rampant in our society today. OWS movement is a classic example of them playing all sides to destroy us; here we have fully enfranchised voters, abdicating their power, creating deep animosities and divisions by ignorantly and staunchly promoting their ideologies, and protesting instead of acting. 

'Staunch' anything today and you are being played like a cheap violin. These mostly foreign controlling families of the Federal Reserve fully support and control all major 'sides' ideologies in the US, for the primary purpose to keep us sharply and most ignorantly divided, and today, have you noticed, it’s really working well for them! We have to wake up and realize: 'Stanch' Republican 'right', IDIOT!, 'Stanch' Liberal 'left', MORON!, 'Stanch' Religious Any, Obtuse! etc. etc. We must stop and totally wash our hands of all these extraordinary divisive and most ignorant ideological ‘stances’ pitting one against the other like ‘rich vs. poor’ or Muslim vs. Christian. Again, all tools used by the enemy to destroy our Nation, DON’T BE DUPPED, DON’T BE PLAYED! .. America was founded to be just the opposite, where your ideologies were respected no matter, and no one, or government interfered with and totally respected your rights for free expression of. 

Once we have awaken a majority of the people to these uncomplicated and real truths it will be a very simple matter of Standing, then Uniting, and then Organizing to put into office (crazy as it may sound) our Representatives, something we have absolutely zero of today. Once we have the Executive and a majority in one House, (which will be much easier than we could ever imagine in pure grass roots movement of fully awake Americans) the American People will be back in power again. Of course 'First things first' we will have to abolish the massively corrupt Federal Reserve System and every massively corrupt tentacle related to it. Then we will need to pass legislation required to abolish its sister corrupt acts passed in same year as the Federal Reserve Act in 1913, the 16th and 17th Amendments. 

Of course their Media will be in full panic mode 24/7 blasting every step in the direction toward Freedom, telling us 24/7 that the World is ending because of the closing and dismantling of their FED. They will do everything in their power to convince us the world's economy will collapse and we will all soon be living in dark caves with no electricity. So, second things second will be to break up and resale to independent corporations their massive and total corrupt control of the Media, re-establishing a vital piece needed in any free Republic, a Free Press. 

REALITY, overnight we will see economic recovery beyond our imagination, not only here but all over the World! All oppression in the US will start to be lifted overnight! Massive recovery will start in earnest, in spite of their scrambling World media telling us 24/7 the world economy will collapse, just the total opposite will happen in the World when we the people again have control of our own government and our own Dollar. It will truly be amazing the positive difference that will come over the US; just imagine being free of oppressive senseless spending, and insane taxation that took our personal wages and personal property, those funds to move our own jobs, and factories and wealth overseas! Overnight positive effects of being free of this massive and oppressive, insane FED burden, will invigorate our entire Nation. I know this is hard to imagine right now, just how easy our freedom from oppression will evolve, but now our primary focus must stay on consistently spreading this truth.